Slavegirl Madhouse of Fear

sperm nurse

Just a normal morning at the Madhouse

Immobilized slaves are put on display
Prisoners donate sperm for forced feeding
Milk slaves are put into the milking machine
The electro-shock and fucking machines are started

Enter The Madhouse
plastered slave milked slave sperm slave forced sperm feeding
needle play

Tammy checks in

When Tammy signed up for Special Acupuncture Therapy
she never thought that this would include brutal fucking and
painful needle play.

Enter The Madhouse
chloroformed ass plugged spread legs terrified
strapon nurse

Play Time

Hard working nurses need some time for fun and games too

Enter The Madhouse
fetish nurse pinned down dildo nurse lesbian nurse licking
electro pain

Electro Pain Therapy

Specialists using electric shocks for pain induced behavior modification

Enter The Madhouse
shocked tits electro shocks pussy pain fucked nurse

Alien Slave Hunter