Slavegirl City Public Punishment Area - Waiting in line

public fucktoy punishment

Worried Smith took a look at his watch, his lunch break was only 45 minutes and he really was in need of some stress relief. The man standing in front of him, realizing Smith's worries, turned around and offered: “If you are in hurry you can have my place in the row.”

“Really? That would be great, thanks!” Smith took the offer and started to explain: “Lots of stress at my company, inventory, so the company sluts are not available for use.”

“What about your wife,” the man wondered. “Just order her to your workplace, not to mention that she should bring you lunch.”

“Oh, she usually does,” Smith agreed. “But my father-in-law wanted to see his daughter and I can't deny the old man. He did a hell of a job training her and because of him Erika, my wife, is such a wonderful slave wife. He is one of those old fashioned guys you know: A slut not in pain is a slut wasted.”

“I know what you mean,” the man laughed. “I am just here to kill some time and to fuck some freshly beaten ass. No better fuck than a freshly beaten ass. Not to mention that helping with public punishments is civic duty.”

Slavegirl City Public Punishment Area - Punished for wearing panties: Pussy Whipping

public fucktoy punishment

Policewomen: 80, 10 more to go.

Officer: About time, my arm is starting to get tired.

Policewomen: Understandable. By the way, is the Judge in a bad mood today? The usual punishment for waring panties is one hour on the cunt solarium and not a 90 lashes pussy whipping plus 3 hours as fuckmeat.

Officer: That stupid cunt is a reoffender, got caught with panties twice.

Policewomen: Damn, that really is stupid. Once I got 25 minutes on the cunt solarium and 2 hours of fuckmeat duty at the prison for being late with my reports. A sunburned pussy is no fun, but fuckmeat duty with a burned pussy.... never was late with my reports again.

Speaking of fuckmeat, additional to the pussy whipping this stupid slut got 5 hours of fuckmeat duty, but the stock already is occupied by Mrs. Devon for running a stop sign. We really need more stocks.

Officer: We already have requested them, again and again and was denied because of budget cutbacks. Really, this city is going down the sewer. Any more whippings today?

Policewomen: None scheduled, but of course there usually are a few administrative offence whippings every day.

Officer: Not my problem. We let her hang here. Just lower her a bit after I am done to make her easy to use. Oh, and get one of the toilet sluts out here. Those guys who use that cunt will need some cleaning after they are done.

Slavegirl City Public Punishment Area - Punished for wearing a bra: Hanged on tits

public  punishment

“Stupid me, why do I always forget to attach the stone before pulling those bra-offenders up,” officer Sylvia was cursing herself while trying to attach the heavy stone to the ankles of the suspended woman. “Stop twitching you stupid cow,” she barked at her whimpering victim. “It's your own fault. Now hold still or I make it even worse for you!”

“Let me give you a hand.” Silvia's colleague Karin was approaching her laughing: “You really are a true blond, aren't you?”

“Yeah,” Sylvia sighted and then grinned: “One of the things hubby loves about me, straight after my tits.”

“Just among us girls,” Karin wondered, “with a rack like yours, don't you wish they would lift that ban on bras?”

“I have a trick,” Silvia smiled back at her. “Rope! Can't do it while in uniform of course, but outside of work, especially at home, it works like a charm.”

“You mean a bra made of rope?”

“Of course not,” Silvia dissented with mock shock. “The would be illegal! But tit bondage is not.... hehe!”

“What a great idea, maybe I should try it to.”

“Do it,” Silvia encouraged her. “Hubby loves to tie my titties really tight, harder and more painful than I prefer, but I still love the feeling, makes me horny as hell.”

“You really are a little painslut, aren't you?” Karin grinned.

“Yep,” Silvia agreed, “but not that much that I would wear a bra in public and get hung by the tits like this stupid cow here.”