The Princess Butchery

princess butchery

“Hi Mr. Calvin!” Beatrice waved towards a man who was leading a lashed nude girl through the snow.

“Good morning Beatrice,” the man retorted, stopping for a moment to let the women catch up. “How are you doing?”

“I am fine, if it wouldn't be for that frigging cold weather,” Beatrice replied. Mr. Calvin looked at her: “Not that I don't like your look, but wouldn't be clothing more suitable such a cold winter day a better choice?”

“A girl has to show her meat you know?” Beatrice looked at the shivering girl. “You are selling one of your daughters to the butchery I see. Why not the slaughterhouse?”

“The Princess Butchery is specialized in teen meat, they pay a good price for tender young meat like her.” Smiling he added: “And Eleven has a crush on the butcher's apprentice so I thought it might be a little easier for her to be done here.”

“Dad! Please!” Blushing Eleven lowered her head.

“Oh my, what a caring father you are. Eleven? Is that her name?”

“Yes, it is. I have so many daughters, it became troublesome to memorize all their names so I decided to number them instead. Much easier that way.”

“Ah, you belong to one of those registered religions who allow to own more than one wife,” Beatrice remembered.

“You are right, my religion allows up to 4 wives. But they are not exempt from the meat lottery and since we don't believe in birth control, and the 4 daughters rule apply to the them also, none of them stays with me for a longer time. Hm, maybe I should start to number my wives also?”

“That might be a good idea.” Beatrice muttered while mustering Eleven. “What nice tits she got. My man loves breaded tits. May I?” She asked, reaching for Eleven.

“Serve yourself,” Mr. Calving nodded. “Always a good idea to check the quality of the meat while it is still alive.”

Beatrice squeezed Eleven's little titties. “Wonderful, so tender. My husband surly would love to see those on his plate.” She laughed: “It's been quite some time since I have prepared tits for him and he already started to eye mine while we are eating. Better I give him a treat before he decides to cut off my tits. Not that I doesn't like the idea of preparing my own tits for him, but he probably would have to snuff me afterward and you know how badly the slaughterhouse compensates for dead meat.”

“Oh yes, you are so right,” Mr. Calvin agreed. “It is a scandal, and I am not only talking about the low compensation for dead meat. The fees you have to pay to the municipal slaughterhouse for using your own daughters or wives meat became exorbitant lately. My grandpa used to tell me stories about him growing up on a farm. Fees was very low those times and home slaughtering was quite common.”

Beatrice was done inspecting Elevens titties. “I would love to buy those. Do you know how she will be processed and when?” Ignoring that Eleven was not only trembling because of the cold Beatrice added jokingly: “Don't worry you tasty little thing. I know that this butchery has a girl sized oven for live roasts. If you are lucky you will be at a very warm place soon.”

“That is up the the butcher,” Mr. Calvin answered her question. “But since he is a friend of mine, if you buy her tits and her cuntsteak I surly could convince him to carve Eleven and sell her in parts.”

Sighing Beatrice denied his offer: “I would love to, unfortunately this tasty little pussy exceeds my budget.“ Then she had a idea: “Why don't you buy your daughters pussy yourself? It's quite some way back to your village, you might get hungry and need a snack. Plus, since the butcher is your friend, he surly will make you a good price and even may allow us to watch him doing her. You could fuck me while we watch him carving your daughter for us. Doesn't that sound like fun?”

“What a nice idea,” Mr. Calvin smiled and tugged his daughter towards the butcher shop. “Dad? Will the butcher cut my throat or something... I mean before he starts cutting me to pieces?” Eleven fearfully asked .

“Oh my cute stupid, of course... NOT! How much fun would it be to watch dead meat being carved? None! That reminds me, while I am talking to the butcher you should get on your knees and thank Mrs. Beatrice for buying your titties. Get her nice and wet for your daddy. If you do a good job I will ask the butcher to snuff you after your tits and pussy are carved and I am done fucking Mrs. Beatrice.”

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