Dolcett City Museum

wife for sale - diner

Sir? Yes Sir, this is Karyn's guillotine, found in the ruins of La Casa.

No Mam, Although there are evidences that Karyn was done on this guillotine there also are sources that suggest that she was spitted, roasted or boiled instead. Historians and archeologists still are undecided about that. There even are legends that Karyn never was processed and reached a high age, but those are only fairy tales to scare little girls of course.

No Mam, this is no replica, it is the original. Yes, it was restored and is fully functional. As a matter of fact, there is a public demonstration every Sunday, you can volunteer for it if you are interested, although I have to tell you that the waiting list is very long.

No Sir, the ownership of your wife will be transferred to the Museum and you won't be compensated for her meat, but that loss is tax-deductible. And, as a contributor, you will be guest of honor at the after execution party where the meat of your wife will be served to the guests.

That sounds nice honey. What do you think, shall we volunteer you?

Oh Yes! Yes! Yes!