Mobile Butchery

wife for sale - diner

Mobile Butchery Hi, Dad! Darla stormed into the kitchen, greeting her Dad who looked up to her in mild surprise: “Oh? Hi! You are early. That's perfect, gives you time to take a shower before we start. Hurry up and come back down to the kitchen. No need to get dressed, just come down nude.

Darla looking at the pieces of rope, lieing on the table, grinned. Seems like her Dad was in a playful mood again. She loved his horny, imaginative games. Since it was the kitchen it probably was “Darla for Dinner” again. When they played it for the first time, when he touched her skin with the big kitchen knife for the first time, pretending to butcher her, she instantly came.

She dashed up the stairs and hurried with the shower to have enough time for drying her hair and putting it in shape. Surly, that was not needed for this game, but she was proud of her beautiful hair and knew how much her dad loved to tease her with threats to cut it off and shave her head.

Back at the kitchen, much to Darla's surprise, her mom was there also, nude and with already bound hands. A whole family game? This day was getting better and better.

“Turn around,” Herman ordered his daughter, “so I can bind your hands. Now we just have to wait for... Oh!” He nodded towards the window: “Here he already is.”

A van with the big letters “Mobile Butchery” had stopped right in front of their house. For a moment Darla was confused and it took her a few seconds to realize it was not just a horny game her dad had planed.

“No!” she gasped shocked. “you can't! Why?”

“I have warned you,” Herman answered his daughter, now in a stern voice. “Last time you came home with such bad grades I told you that next time will be the last time. You didn't hear and... aw, come on, what's that” He pointed at the puddle of piss Darla was standing in, to shocked to realize that she was peeing herself.

“Hush up girl,” her mom scolded her. “It comes earlier as expected, but as young woman of legal age you should have been prepared.” Turning towards her husband she asked: “But why me Darling? Have I displeased you in some way?”

“Of course not,” Herman answered his wife, gently stroking her face. “You are such a wonderful wife, but I know how much you would miss your daughter and bug me about her being gone, so I decided it would be best to dump you too and start over again.”

“Guess you are right,” Mary sighted to add scolding: “Still you should have told me before. The fridge is almost empty. I would have precooked something and bought some canned food so you have something to eat till you find a new wife. You men are so terribly dependent, let me at least clean up that piss before you hurt yourself swinging the mop.”

“I am not so dependent,” her husband grumbled. “At least I was smart enough to order a slave maid that will take care of my needs till I find a new wife. She can clean up the floor when she is here.”

Outside the butcher already had set up the table and was done unloading his tools so Herman urged: “Let's go, we don't want to keep the butcher waiting, don't we?”

“Dad!” Darla cried out, “does that mean I will get butchered outside, on the street?”

“Of course,” her dad answered her, somehow surprised. “All your blood and guts splattered around the kitchen, that would be a terribly mess to clean up.”

“But dad! Out there everybody will see me getting butchered!”

“Really?” her dad laughed. “And that coming from a girl that literally raped all the boys at her school just to be the first one to proudly show off her “I fucked them all” ribbon to the whole neighborhood?”

He pusher her towards the door: “Now get your tasty ass out there and no more complaining or I tell the butcher to do you in a most slow and entertaining way.”

Some people already gathered, curiously watching the scene. Despite her shock and fear Darla blushed a little. “What wonderful, cute and tasty sows we have here,” the butcher welcomed them. “How would you like them done? Or would you prefer to handle biz first?”

Herman shook the butchers hand: “You mobile butchery is such a great idea, so convenient. How did you come up with such an amazing concept?”

“Well,” the butcher explained, “initially I just wanted to provide a service for all those small villages that don't have a own butchery, but I learned that there also is a big demand for my services here at the big town.”

“OH?” Herman wondered. “I thought in the more rural areas home butchering still is quite common?”

“It is,” the butcher ensured him. “But you surly are aware that wives and daughters not only are fun and joy for a man but also valuable goods, their meat is worth a lot of money. Money a lot of families needs.”

One of the neighbors, following their discussion, spoke up: “Speaking of money, how much do you pay for the meat? I have so many daughters and I am thinking of a new TV set.”

“Thanks to a special deal I have with the Municipal Slaughterhouse you get the full volunteer rate, not only the rate for dead meat, minus a little service fee of course.”

“That sounds wonderful, just give me a minute.” the man agreed, already on the way back to his house.

Herman laughed: “Guess we soon will have one more unlucky girl here, you must be pretty busy.”

“I am, still I already work on a plan to expand my original idea: A mobile meat marked for rural areas. Of course making girls is easy, even a lot of fun, and usually it is not hard to find somebody willing to sell a daughter or wife for good money, people who want to buy meat mostly need only a few pounds. A whole women, that's just to much meat, even for big families. Those people have to drive to town to buy the meat at a supermarket and I spare them that ride. Additionally, despite there is nothing wrong with frozen meat, you surly agree that freshly butchered girlmeat is so much tastier.”

Meanwhile they was surrounded by quite some people who nodded in agreement. “Well, in that case and since we have two formidable sows here,” the butcher resumed, “you might be interested to buy some of their meat fresh from the slaughtering block.”

Seeing all the greedy and hungry gazes taxing her body, probably wondering how each part of her body might taste, Darla realized that she was not only shivering from fear.

The butcher turned back to Herman: “It's you who has the option right for the first cuts if you are interested. I'll make you a good price of course.”

“Hmm.... with my wonderful wife it's her prime filet of course. With my daughter, I always loved her pretty little bum, so it's one of those cheeks.”

“Excellent choice,” the butcher picked up the knife: “Which one first?”

“Darling?” Mary spoke up and Herman gave her nod. “My daughter first,” he decided. “My wife thinks making Darla watch her mother getting slaughtered would be cruel and scare her even more.”

“Very well, lets get the young lady on the table. Oh, reminds me, since you want a piece of her bum, should I cut it out while she still is alive? The freshest meat possible,” the butcher offered.

Herman scratched his chin: “Well, since she really annoyed me some punishment surly would... “

“Herman!” This time there was a sharp tone in his wife's voice.

“Just joking. I know it was a little bit cruel, sorry,” Herman apologized. “Just do her quick and clean, no need to make her suffer more than needed.”