Masochist rights movement

“Mom? Dad? Are you at home?” “Living room Zoe!” her mother answered her. Seeing his daughter's happy face Zoe's father wondered: “Something good happened? Have they finally accepted you as volunteer for the next school snuff week?”

For a moment Zoe's face darkened: “Nope. Those stupid boys seem to prefer girls that don't want to be snuffed. Geez, I don't now what's wrong with those boys. And with those girls.”

“Darling, not all girls are such eager little painsluts like you. Some girls just don't like pain.”

“I do and most of my friends do.” She brightened up again: “I have so exciting news. After school I went to the sextoy store to buy me some new nipple clamps.”

“Again?” her father interrupted her. “Don't you have enough clamps already?”

“It's like it is with high heels dad,” his daughter putted him right, “a girl never can have enough of them. Anyway, I was trying on nipple clamps, but did not find some that looked good on me and hurt enough, when a man approached me. He gave me some clamps from the jewelery department of the store to try those. They looked and felt so great, pink Rose gold with teeth made of real diamonds. Much to expensive for me of course, so I told him I can't afford them. It turned out that he is the president of Paintoys Inc. and he gave them to me as a present. Look!”

Zoe lifted her shirt to show the clamps attached to her nipples. The sharp teeth had ripped her skin and some drops of blood trickled down her titts. “Oh my, those are wonderful!” Zoe's mother admired them. “You must lend me them from time to time, for special occasion and so.”

“Of course mom. It gets even better! He invited me to spend the night with him! Can I? Please dad!”

“Of course honey, have fun. But if he snuffs you he has to compensate us.”

“Dad! He is a gentleman! He even insisted that I have to ask you before coming to his place. He would never steal my meat from you. Oh, and he never was married, maybe he is looking for a wife?”

“That would be wonderful honey, but don't put to much hope into it. If a man in his position never was married, there must be a reason for that.”

“Aw dad. Maybe he just has not met the right woman yet, maybe I am that woman. Uh mom?” Zoe handed her mother a calling card. “Could you pick me up tomorrow morning at this address? I might not be able to walk home on my own. After all, he is the president of Paintoys Inc.”

Next morning, seeing her daughter stomping towards the car with a eery expression, Kamilla immediately realized that something must have went wrong. Zoe jumped on the backseat, obviously mad and pissed like hell.

“Oh darling, what did he do to you?” Kamilla wanted to know concerned.

“He was so.... he is so..... It was disgusting. He was so caring, so gentle, so soft. It was disgusting, nasty, nauseating. He even committed foreplay to me! Do you hear! He committed foreplay to me! Sue him! I want to sue him!”

Her mother had to smile, liking the idea of becoming a victim of such a terrible crime herself. “I am so sorry darling, but we can't sue him. There is no law against it.”

“But there should be! Such a behavior is not acceptable, we masochist's have rights too!”

“Don't take it so serious honey,” her mom tried to calm her. “Some guys are like that, get over it.”

“Mom!” Zoe yelled at her mother. “He even made me breakfast. He even made to have breakfast in bed. Can you imagine how I felt?”

Sighting Kamilla started the motor. This homeward journey would be strenuous.

Back home Zoe still had not calmed down: “Dad! You was sooooo right. That guy is a disgusting freak, a pervert, a.. a...” Zoe struggled for words and her mom used this chance to explain: “He committed foreplay to her.” It took her husband a moment to understand then he just shook his head and returned to his newspaper. “See? I told you. If a man in his position never was married there must be something wrong with him.”

“Something wrong?” Zoe shouted back to him. “You call that something wrong? I have to shower, I feel so.... so.... stained.”

Half an hour later Zoe returned to the living room, with a stern face but obviously in a better mood. “I will be at school for the rest of the day.” “It is Saturday,” her mom wondered. “didn't know you have classes today.”

“I will meet with some of my friends,” Zoe explained. “They agree with me that there should be laws against the abuse of masochists so we will draw some banners and demonstrate for our rights.”

“Oh honey, don't you know that such stuff must be approved by the city administration first?”

“So what?” Zoe snapped, then she grinned: “What can they do anyway? Punish me?”

Kamilla looked, a little bit concerned, after Zoe while her daughter was leaving the house: “Are you sure it is OK to allow her darling?”

Her husband shrugged his shoulders: “It's not like she is entirely wrong. You know my stance on those topics. Our lifestyle leads to a erosion of women's rights. That's why I support the Livestock Party. Women who are not into pain should have the right to be killed and slaughtered as painless as possible. I don't think the police will mind some cute girls demonstrating for masochist's rights. What is the worst that could happen? That they are successful and we get a new masochist's rights party? Wouldn't be that bad at all. Politics is boring enough and some diversion and fresh wind would be great.”

“Hm... talking about diversion,” Kamilla wondered, “maybe you could commit some of those terrible crimes to me?”

Her husband raised a eyebrow: “I admit that I am a little bit surprised. I mean, it's no secret from whom our little princess got her painslut genes. But you know that I never skip on a little dirty game to spice up our sex life and I would love to be your disgustingly gentle and caring pervert tonight.”

Kamilla smiled back on him: “I always loved your dirty, pervert side. But please don't overdo it.”

Masochist rights movement