Part 1 - Arrival

A new assignment leads you to the Lloiger Labs. Immediately after leaving the spaceship and a greeting by Miriam, the secretary of the head scientist, you hear some strange rumours.
Alien Slave Hunter
Part 2 - The Beta Labs

Down at the Beta Level you watch a bizarre scene at one of the labs.
Part 3 - Cloning Lab

After putting some pressure on the nurse of a cloning facility you get your first lead about the illegal experiments at the Lloigor labs.
Part 4 - The Beta Hangar

At the hangar of the Beta Level you watch scientists trying to solve a serious problem when a explosion shakes the hangar.
Part 5 - Welcome to the Alpha Labs

A maintenance tunnel brings you down to the Alpha Level. You meet Miriam again and she tells you about their problem with ghostly lifeforms that are the prime target of the experiments at the labs.
Part 6 - Alpha Admin

At the admin of the Alpha Level you finally get some hard facts and are warned about a possible conspiracy.