Municipal Slaughterhouse A deal among friends

princess butchery

"Hi! How ya doin?" Rick looked over his shoulder. His friend Samson was sticking his head through the door into the cleaning room: "I have a break and are horny as hell. Could I use one of the sows here?"

Rick shook his head: "Don't you have enough meat to fuck at your workplace?"

"I work right behind the band saw, ever tried to fuck half a women? And I am not talking about the upper or lower half."

"OK OK, I get the drift. Which one do you want to use?"

"Hmm... how about the young one on the right? Lately I dig the young and skinny type, with perky tits."

"Fuck, must you? I have already cleaned her. OK, whatever, I just clean her again after you are done with her."

"Thanks mate, you're a good friend," Samson smiled, greasing his dick with curd soap.

"Oh no! Please! Not that horrible enema again!" the girl cried out.

"Shut the fuck up meat!" Rick barked at her angry. "Wasn't you told that meat is not allowed to speak? One more word from you and you will learn how getting punched into a enema filled belly feels like. Geez, don't know what's up with the girls today. Always bitching, always whining."

"You are so right," Samson agreed, impaling the girl on his dick. "My daughters are the same, always complaining: "Please don't dryfuck my ass dad, please don't kick me into the belly dad, please don't burn me with your cigar dad! It's fucking annoying."

"Just send one of them to the slaughterhouse, might teach the others a lesson." Jack suggested. "Hey, what's the name of the cute little blond of yours? I like her curves, would love to clean her up for good."

Samson laughed: "Guess you mean Kelly. You are right, she developed well, especially her tit meat. One day, when I sell her to the slaughterhouse, she will bring in nice money for the family cash box. Wouldn't mind to sell her right away, but I promised my wife not to snuff or sell them until at least one of them is married, and I don't want to give my wife a reason to call me a liar."

"Good luck with that," Jack grumbled. "Don't you watch the news? Gender ratio has shifted even more towards women. Good luck with finding a man for one of your girls. And your wife... just BBQ her, problem solved."

"Who's not watching the news now?" Samson looked as his friend. "They raised the fees again, together with not getting paid for her meat... that would be a fucking expensive meal."

"To bad," Jack sighted. "Your wife got such a hot ass, would love to have a slice of it, just to see if she tastes as good as she looks."

"She surly would not mind. My wife is a old fashioned girl and would love to ride the spit."

Jack scratched his chin: "Wait a moment, I think I have an idea. What if I marry your daughter, Kelly was her name, right? I really like her, not only her curves, she has fire. I don't mind if she is a little bitchy, I'll teach her how a good wife behaves."

Samson laughed: "And your wife? You are a married man, have you forgotten?"

"Delilah is a wonderful wife, but lately I am getting a little bored with her. She always had wondered about my work and I think it's time i show her my workplace. Listen to my plan: Delilah is grade AA meat, the slaughterhouse will pay me a good price for her meat. I would split the money with you so you can pay the fee for your wife and BBQ her. In return you give me half of your wife's roast and marry one of my daughters. If your into the skinny type I would recommend Tara. Slender body, nice firm titties, small hips and a bubble but."

"I remember Tara and yeah, she looks great. She is 20, isn't she? Not that I would not like your idea or Tara, but she is about the same age as my girls and my new wife must be able to handle my bitchy daughters.

"No problem at all," Jack assured him. "Tara is damn hard ass and old fashion when it comes to roles of the sexes. Hell, she even kicks my ass whenever I am slacking and she surly will kick the bitches out of your daughters in no time. What are you hesitating? We all get what we want. Your wife would get one of her daughters married, my wife would learn about my work and we would get the eager young wives we want. Do we have a deal?"