Wife 4 Sale 3

wife for sale - diner

Moretta was more than pleased with the price Mr Maiers called for Susan, he seemed to be a generous man. Now she even might be able to buy one more girl, there was enough money left and taking care of the elderly was not the only purpose of the Caring Angles.

“Unfortunately all her clothes are gone already,” Mr. Maiers said, “but the shoes she is wearing, the collar and the chain are included.” “That is no problem,” Moretta ensured him, “the Caring Angles have their own uniforms, rather revealing uniforms, and it seems like Susan is not used to be nude in public. This will be a great experience for her, am I right Susan.”

The girl who had stopped crying, finally realizing that she was not bought for her meat, nodded embarrassed. Turning to Steven Moretta wanted to know: “When will those 'special' shows happen?”

Steve thought about it for a moment: “There are quite some preparations needed... is it OK if I notify you one week before?”

“That should do it,” Moretta ensured him. “You won't snuff one of the girls or me, won't you?” Steven laughed: “Of course not Miss Moretta. As a matter of fact, since you can use those shows to raise funds for your organization I hope that you, and your girls, even will volunteer for more shoes.”

“That sounds really good,” Moretta agreed, picking up Susan's chain. “Say bye to your dad and your mom Susan. Don't be sad, chances are that you will see you mom again at Stevens shows.”

Susan gave her dad a kiss: “Thank you so much for not selling me to the slaughterhouse dad, and good luck with your new job.” “Be a brave girl and give your best,” Susan was exhorted by her mom.

Walking down the street the girls started to quietly sob again. “What's wrong my little, are you missing your dad?” “Yes mam,” the girl admitted, “but I am so happy that I am not getting butchered. You really won't snuff me?”

Moretta stopped to hug the girl: “Shhh.... don't worry. I tell you a little secret: The Caring Angels are not only about serving the elderly, they also are here to give girls like you, girls who do not want to get harvested, a alternative.” Feeling the rips and hips of the girl Moretta added: “Oh my, you really are skinny, we need to bolster you up a little. You might hurt those old geezer with your pointy bones.”

“I'm so sorry Miss Moretta. What if those men don't like me?”

“Don't worry.” Moretta patted Susan's ass. “You got a nice ass, beautiful titties and a cute face. They will love you. Oh,” Moretta pointed across the street, “there is a Pink Piggy diner over there. Let's feed you some burgers.”

They just was seated for a few seconds when a waitress approached them: “Welcome at Pink Piggy. I am piggy Jenifer, your waitress. Have you already decided?”

“Hi, Jennifer,” Moretta answered her. “we take two glasses of fresh milk, the strawberries with whipped pussy cream for me, and my cute companion here takes a titmeat burger with fries.”

“Uh, can I have some salad instead?” Susan shyly asked. “I am not a big fan of girlmeat.”

“No wonder you are so skinny,” she was scolded by Moretta. “Of course there is nothing wrong with veggies, but in order to get some meat on your rips we need to get some meat into your stomach first.”

“One or two pounds more would surly suite you,” the waitress smiled at Susan and pointed towards a guy behind the meat counter who was staring at Susan. “Still, it seems like you got the eye of our butcher. No surprise, we are famous for our cooked tits and yours would look great on a platter. Well, I better hurry or mine will be on the menu next.”

The greedy gazes of the butcher made Susan shiver again so Moretta took the girls hands: “Don't worry, just don't walk around alone. Pink Piggy diners are not exactly a save place for nude girls. If you need to use the restroom I will escort you. That reminds me, I don't remember you from Dolcett High so I guess you have been at a public school.”

“Yes Mam,” Susan agreed. “Dad says girls don't need much education.”

“Oh no, that's so wrong!” Moretta disagreed, a little bit indignant. “Lots of girls have much more ambitions than just becoming a spit muffin. Anyway, what was your grades at sex-ed, submission and masochism?”

“C and B Miss Moretta, but we didn't have masochism classes at our school. Dad says that might be the reason why I am so afraid of pain.” “No masochism classes?” Moretta wondered. “Seems like public schools are more and more on the decline. Have you got at least acceptable toilet training?”

“No Mam,” Susan replied intimidated. “But I had to serve at the boys restroom a few times, it was disgusting.” With a sight Moretta leaned back: “Don't worry Susan, that's no problem. We will give you proper training and for the first weeks you will be under supervision of experienced Angels anyway. The Caring Angels have a reputation to protect and.... Oh, our meal.”

Susan started to reluctantly nibble on her titmeat burger and seemed to be on the verge of crying again. “What is wrong Susan? Does girlmeat really taste that bad for you?” “It tastes very good,” Susan admitted. “It's.... My sisters was sold to the slaughterhouse just this morning. What if their meat is in there?”

“Wouldn't that be wonderful? Didn't you love your sisters?” Moretta smiled at her. “Of course I did!” Susan gasped shocked. Moretta resumed: “So, wouldn't it be kind of insulting for your sisters if you refuse to eat from them?”

A little smile brightened up Susan's face: “If I would have told them that I don't want to eat their meat.... they would have pulled my hair, smacked my head and called me stupid.”