Wife 4 Sale 2

wife for sale

Steven just had started to enjoy Mrs Maiers tight bumhole when he heard the apartment door slam. Mr Maiers was leaving the house, dragging his collared and sobbing daughter along. “Hi Mr. Maiers,” Steven greeted him, “i am just testing out your wife, hope that's OK.” “No problem Steve,” Mr Maiers assured him. “Fuck her good and hard, her moaning and screaming might attract potential buyers.”

Still Steven stopped fucking the women: “Speaking of buyers, I am considering to buy her as company slave.” “You run your own company? That is impressive, but I won't sell her cheap. Gabriela is first grade meat and the Slaughterhouse would pay me some nice money for her. But well, she was a wonderful wife so I would love to do her the favor to sell her as slave instead as meat. I am sure my wife would like that too.”

“Oh yes darling, that would be wonderful. By the way, why have you brought along Susan? Do you want to sell her to the slaughterhouse already?”

“No, but she is so afraid of getting butchered that she can't stop crying. So I decided to chain her aside of you to give her a chance to find a buyer also. The slaughterhouse won't pay much for her anyway, meager as she is.”

“Dad!” the crying girl sobbed. “Didn't mean to insult you pumpkin,” Mr Maiers tried to calm his daughter, “you know how much I love your slender body, but it is like it is.”

“Hmm....” Steven skipped in, eying the girl up, “she truly is skinny, but her tits are not bad, perky and firm.” He started to fondle and grope her: “Actually Susan is pretty cute, my customers would like her, especially as part of a mother- daughter show. If you make me a good price I buy both of them.”

Mr. Maiers and Steven was bargaining the price when a female voice from behind made them turn around. “Hi Mr. Maiers, I heard you are selling your daughters?”

“Hi Miss Moretta,” Steven greeted the pink haired women who was sex-ed teacher at his school.

“Well, I am afraid you are to late. 2 of my girls are sold to the slaughterhouse and, as far as Susan here is concerned, Steven already wants to buy her.”

“Aw, to bad. It would be for a good cause. I run a charitable institution, the Caring Angels, you might have heard about us. We take care of elderly and sick gentlemen. Unfortunately not many girls are willing to volunteer for social work so we always are short on girlpower. But, thanks to some generous spenders, I am able to buy a girl from time to time to stock up our forces.”

Mr. Maiers nodded: “I have heard a lot of good things about the Caring Angles. But, like said, first come first serve. Except you give me a better offer than Steven of course.”

Moretta sighted: “To bad, I don't think I would be able to outbid Steven.” She looked at the boy with her best pleading eyes: “Couldn't you just let me buy her Steven? It would be for a good cause and I would be grateful. Very, very grateful.”

Steven thought about it for a moment. His grin made Moretta feel of uneasy, Steven wasn't the kind of boy who would be satisfied with a simple blow job from his teacher.

“OK, I think I could leave Susan to you, but I have some conditions. A mother- daughter torture show would have made me some nice money and I want some compensation. First, some of your Caring Angels will be my special guests for a Suffering Angles show. You even can use that show to promote your organisation if you want. My second condition concerns you personally. You are one of Dolcett High's most popular teachers so I want you as special guest for a Punish your Teacher show. What do you say Miss Moretta, do we have a deal?”