Wife 4 Sale

wife for sale

“Mrs Maiers? Wow, I wish my mom would have tits like yours.” The nude and bound woman turned around to see Steven, one of the neighborhood boys, approaching her. A little blushing she greeted him: “Hi Steve. This is kind of embarrassing.”

“Embarrassing?” Steven wondered. “You are a woman, shouldn't it be natural for you to be displayed like that?” “It kind of feels natural,” Gabriela agreed, “but it still is embarrassing.”

Looking at the 'For Sale' sign Steve wanted to know: “Why are you up for sale Mrs Maiers? Financial straits? Marital problems? “

“No, that's not the reason,” Gabriela assured him. “My husband got a great job offer that unfortunately requires him not only to relocate to Capital City but also to travel a lot. After some talk we decided it would be the best if he just dumps me and the girls. I have three daughters so my number will come up soon anyway, but it is kind of hard for the girls.”

“Oh, your daughters are up for sale also?” “No,” Gabriela answered his question. “It would be impossible to sell them for a good price, so it's the slaughterhouse for them. We delivered Agnes and Taylah there this morning, they already should be processed by now. Susan stays with her dad till the house is sold, then it's the slaughterhouse for her also. And me... best I can hope for is that somebody buys me for a BBQ.”

Steven shook his head. “That would be a waste. Don't get me wrong Mrs Maiers, you would give a wonderful roast and I am sure you would taste delicious but... “ He started to fondle and squeeze Gabriela's big tits, making her moan in lust. “You are pretty sensitive, aren't you?” He grinned. “Oh yes, I am, and this situation is quite a turn on also.”

Steve examined the woman from all sides, pinched her thighs and slapped her ass. “You are such a gorgeous woman, I think I will buy you for myself.”

“That would be nice Steve,” Gabriela whimpered, Steven was squeezing her tits painfully hard, “unfortunately it's impossible.” “Why?” Steven wondered. “I am of legal age and I can legally own a woman of course.”

“I don't want to sound smug,” Gabriela moaned, “but I am grade A meat. I don't think you can afford me.” “Money is no problem,” Steven assured her. “I make pretty good money selling porn.”

“You make money with porn?” Gabriela gasped astounded. “People really watch porn and even pay for it? I mean, with so many horny and willing girls available... why should they?“

“You just need to give them what they want,” Steven explained to her, “especially kinky and taboo stuff sells well. My Dolcetta's Boys site for instance makes me nice money.” “Dolcetta's Boys?” Gabriela was shocked. “Do you mean guys really get kind of snuffed?” Her shocked face made Steven laugh: “That would be illegal, it's all just fun and fantasy of course.”

Gabriela still had doubts: “But if you are not buying me as meat you would have to marry me. There is no other legal way, isn't it? You surly don't want to marry a women so much older than you.”

Now Steven was puzzled: “Every boy would be happy to marry a hot piece of meat like you, but that is not what I have in mind. I simply employ you and, since I also will be your owner, you will become my slave and property with that. Haven't you heard about company slaves? They became pretty popular after Dolcettish Industries started with them. Of course that would mean that you, contrary to a wife, would be stripped of all civil rights, like meat at the slaughterhouse. Oh, you seem to like that idea Mrs Maiers, am I right?”

Blushing deeply now Gabriela had to admit that the thought of becoming the slave of a boy, young enough to be her son, gave her lustful shivers. “I would do anything to make you happy Steven and to make up for the money you payed for me.” “It won't be much of a financial risk for me anyway,” Steven assured her. “I even expect you to make me money. It's not like I want to buy you as my personal fuck toy and cum dump. Well, at least not only for that purpose. You are perfect for a new project I am working at. And, in case things don't work out, I just need to sell you to the slaughterhouse to get my investment back. Do you want to know for what kind of project I want to use you?”

Of course Gabriela wanted to know, so Steven explained: “It is kind of a interactive torture webcam. Customers can use torture devices they control from their PC or mobile to make you scream on cam.”

Gabriela thought about it for a moment: “I still don't get why people would want to torture me that way. Wouldn't it be more fun to do so personally? To be able to touch and feel the woman?”

“You are right, it is pretty impersonal, but that is the special kick. I think it's the anonymity, the distance. Customers are able to play with you, to hear and see you, without you knowing who is controlling the devices or what comes next. Maybe I should warn you, although those devices are designed to be non-lethal they inflict real pain, lots of pain. My customers won't be satisfied with just some acting. Are you sure you can take that?”

“It does not sound that bad at all, especially considering my alternatives, and i always liked it rough.” Gabriela happily agreed.

“In that case,” Steven smiled, “I better take you for a little test drive.” He unzipped his trousers. “It's always a good idea to test the goods before buying, hope that's OK for you Mrs Maiers.”

“It's not like I am in the position to say no,” Gabriela smiled, eagerly pushing out her ass to give him easy access.